165 Chestnut Grove Rd. Dillsburg, PA

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Creative Exteriors

Sales Office Hours

Phone 717-502-1231

Monday-Friday - 8:00-4:30 
CLOSED Saturday and Sunday

Landscape, Hardscape, Irrigation and low-Voltage Lighting installations - service for irrigation and lighting systems

Retail Office Hours

Phone 717-432-5994

Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30, Saturday 8:00-1:00, CLOSED Sunday

Mulch, stone, soil, sand, and nursery sales - also available irrigation parts, lighting supplies, hardscape supplies (sand, edging, spikes, pavers)


Our team of highly skilled employees is degreed in horticulture, and some have over 20 years of experience. Each customer receives a personal visit from an experienced landscape designer to discuss design options. We then present a plan to meet your goals and make your landscaping visions become reality.


We have highly skilled, ICPI certified professionals that install paver or flagstone patios, walkways, driveways, block or boulder retaining walls, garden walls, and bench walls. Hardscapes often become an 'outdoor room' for you and your family to entertain, relax, play, and enjoy meals. Along with enhancing the beauty of your landscapes, hardscapes increase the value of your home.

Irrigation Services

Creative Exteriors has committed itself to being the premier irrigation specialists in the Central Pennsylvania area. The company has employees with over 14 years of irrigation and plumbing experience in residential and commercial installation.

Landscape Lighting

Low voltage lighting systems are becoming increasingly more popular for landscape lighting. Trees, sculpture and other artwork, shrubbery and architectural features are but a few areas that accent lighting could enhance.

Property Maintenance

Properly maintaining your landscape is essential in preserving your investment and keeps the landscape lush and healthy. You can rely on us to provide the maintenance necessary to renew your landscape year after year.

Lawn Care

Proper lawn care will allow for a healthy lawn to thrive year after year! Providing the correct treatments at the correct times of the year is crucial in ensuring that diseases, insects, or environmental stresses don't have any adverse effects on your lawn.






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